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Garmin Forerunner 630 on a Treadmill

Forerunner run data for 5-20-16

I used the Garmin Forerunner 630 with the HRM-Run heart rate strap during cardiac rehab yesterday. If you look at the image above you’ll see there are some anomaly’s with how the 630 records the data on a treadmill. I started out at a 6 mph (10:00/mi) pace. Then I alternated walking with increased pace running.

Forerunner pace data for 5-20-16

This is the more detailed pace data chart from above. You can see that even though I had the treadmill set at 6 mph, the Forerunner 630 didn’t quite have me at the 10:00/mi pace. I then walked to lower my heart rate before increasing the speed to 6.5 mph which is about a 9:13 pace. I started that block of running at 6.5 mph and increased .1 mph every minute up to a 7 mph pace (8:34/mi). But as you can see from the above chart, it shows I barely broke the 6 mph (10:00/mi) pace, and only very briefly. I walked again and then ran for 3 minutes at a 7 mph (8:34/mi) pace. I did that again except I ran for 3 minutes at a 7.5 mph (8:00/mi) pace. The Forerunner doesn’t really show any of the speed increases with any accuracy.

Forerunner pace data overlay for 5-20-16

For this chart I want to talk about the “stops” the Forerunner 630 is recording. You can see around the 15 and 21 minute marks, the 630 shows me stopped. Yet, based on this chart it’s still recording both run cadence and vertical oscillation data. I walked, but never stopped. What’s interesting to me is that the first drop in pace data occurred right before a major speed increase and the second occurred right after a major speed decrease. I did the same thing two more times during the run and it never dropped the pace data again.

For now, I’m gong to rate the treadmill data from the Garmin Forerunner 630 as inaccurate. I will be running on the treadmill more in the near future and I’ll see if anything changes.

5-20 Cardiac Rehab

5-20 Heart rate data

The goal for me at cardiac rehab is to push my heart rate as high as possible in a clinical setting to make sure nothing is going to happen. Basically, I’m getting confidence that I won’t have another heart attack the next time I do hill or speed work, or just push my run.

The chart above shows my max heart rate reaching 153 bpm, which is around 12-14 lower than my max heart rate before the heart attack and the metoprolol. Overall it was a good run (for a treadmill). You can see the normal Garmin Forerunner data for the run here: 2.9 mi @ 38:13 (5/20/16)

There are some issues I noted with the data from the Forerunner 630 on a treadmill. Read more about that here: Garmin Forerunner 630 on a Treadmill

5-19 Outdoor Run – 1st Outdoor Run Since Heart Attack

5-19 Heart rate data

This is the heart rate data from my run today. You can see the rest of the data from the run here 3 mi @ 31:22.

I started out with a brisk 200 yd walk before starting this run, but I’m not sure why it shows my heart rate around 147 to start. You can see it rapidly falls back where it should be. I’ll chalk this up to a random anomaly.

The interesting thing to note here is that my average heart rate, 132 bpm, and my max heart rate, 147 bpm, are about 13 bpm lower than before the heart attack, yet I’m able to maintain approximately the same pace. Compare these numbers to my recent runs on the same route here: 3 mi @ 30:50 (4/22/16)3.2 mi @ 33:21 (4/21/16), and 3 mi @ 32:43 (4/19/16). So it appears that the beta blocker (metoprolol) and blood pressure medicine (telmisartan) aren’t having any negative affect on my running…yet.

I’ll obviously be running even more as I prepare to run the Marine Corp Marathon in October, so we’ll see if anything changes.

5-16 Cardiac Rehab

5-16 Heart rate data

This is the heart rate data from my treadmill run at cardiac rehab today. I’m feeling pretty good, and am mostly relying on rehab to push myself, and my heart rate, as high as I can while in a clinical setting. I mostly run out-and-backs, and I don’t want to push my heart rate to peak in the middle of nowhere. My heart rate got up to 154 which is pretty good, and pretty close to what I was achieving before. I’m on a beta-blocker, so I’m anxious to see how it will affect my training.

Overall it felt pretty good. I’m building my endurance and confidence back up and should be back on track very soon.

More to come on the review of my new shoes, the Brooks Dyad 8. I’ll also be talking about my training plan with, and deliver part two of my Forerunner 630 review.